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Update 7.30.2009:  Out now!  TIN STAR!  Bettie Lane EP!  Pick it up locally at CD Alley, Bull City or School Kid's.  You can also grab it online @ iTunes,
Amazon, eMusic, etc.  Tin Star is a Durham trio featuring Jamie Miyares on piano and vocals, Louis Botta, guitar, and Bart Moyers, the kit.  A little quick back
history- Louis and Bart used to play together in Chapel Hill's
William Christ Supercar while Jamie was in the W-S/Greensboro based band tommygun.  "casts
the crystalline voice of Jamie Miyares in ascendant arches of consonant piano and intricate guitar, like Blonde Redhead scoring a silent travelogue about
rushing along the Audubon and waking up on big airplanes."  Grayson Currin the Independent.  Art by
Ron Liberti.

"Jamie's knock-out voice carries an airy, ethereal quality, providing a provocative contrast to the dissonant, edgy guitar.  On Bettie Lane the band offer original
songs that are straight-forward, yet experimental, showing influences ranging from bands as diverse as
Cocteau Twins, Blonde Redhead, Velocity Girl and
Portishead.  "Our master bedroom is our music room. We sleep in the smallest room in the house," says Jamie. "We don't have cable TV. What we do when
we have free time is play."  Jamie and Louis dispute the details of how they got together (“I thought we were dating before she did,” says Louis), but they
emphatically agree that they have developed a sound with each other that they wouldn’t have alone.  They discovered a chemistry that stretched beyond
their new relationship and slowly began crafting songs about their families, fears, and social anxieties. Louis' shimmering guitar lines reflected off the
crystalline surface of Jamie's voice and across the stately ease of her piano lines.  “When we’re writing songs, we can pull each other out of a block,” Louis
said.  “I’m all ear.  She can do theory.  We play off of each other.”  
excerpted from the Independent.

Looking a little further down, September to be exact, we're super stoked to be announcing the release of
Everything Will Be Alright, the debut record from
NYC duo,
The Morays!!  We'll have more info up on the site soon, until then cruise over to the Morays official home on myspace for some preview clips.

And be sure to scroll down for some awesome free album downloads as well as some kick ass summer price specials!!

More updates soon.   
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Tin Star  /  Bettie Lane
catalog #:  frd015
release date:  July 28, 2009
format:  CDEP
recorded by Shawn Albert @ Bettie Lane
$8.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Socially Distressed
band links:  myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
Catalog   (click on band and album images for 300dpi press quality versions)
Lud  /  V
catalog #:  frd014
released:  Dec 2008
format:  CD
recorded by Brian Paulson
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  V  /  Those Bastards Poisoned The Town
band links:  myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
V, Lud's fifth record, marks the first time the band has worked with an outside producer- the
collaboration with Brian Paulson has yielded an album with an extraordinarily lush and live atmosphere.  
Like all of Lud’s works V offers a song cycle woven with universal themes of love, conflict, childhood
and social, economic and political upheaval.  Indie rock, southern gothic, a little krautrock and a punk
attitude.  RIYL:  Silver Jews, Cheap Trick, Pavement, Eels, Yo La Tengo
Transportation  /  Daydreams
catalog #:  frd012
released:  Oct 2008
format:  CD
recorded by Nick Petersen @ Track and Field Recording
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Rock and Roll Station  /  Tell Me What You Want
band links:  myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
The music of Chapel Hill's Transportation remains sympathetic to the more traditional genres of have
achieved local success by underscoring the things they like so much about the music they grew up
with.  Rather than trying to subvert, or in some way refuse those influences, they incorporate them.  
RIYL:  Big Star, The Replacements, Queen, Badfinger and Guided By Voices.
Dawn Chorus  /  Florida St. Serenade
released:  July 2008
format:  CD
recorded by Brian Paulson
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  I'm Cured!  /  The Pearl
band links:  myspace  /  last.fm
Third record from Greensboro, NC band, Dawn Chorus.  In short, Florida St Serenade's ten songs
crackle and sparkle with elements of indie rock, southern jangle pop and subtle hints of shoegaze.  
Dawn Chorus is Andrew(gtr, vox), Zachary(gtr, vox), Amy(bass), Will(drums) and Crystal
(keyboards).  RIYL:  Built to Spill, Luna, Death Cab For Cutie and The Feelies.
Hundred Air  /  Makeout City
catalog #:  frd010
released:  Sep 2007
format:  CD
recorded by Brian Paulson
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Feet Don't Fail Me Now
band links:  myspace  /  last.fm
Hundred Air is Adam Price, Makeout City is his first record.  Prior to forming Hundred Air, Adam was
in the semi-quasi-barely-not really-famous indie pop band the Mayflies USA and was a founding
member of the Comas.  Lee Waters (Work Clothes, The Essex Green) played drums. Additional
instruments and vocals provided by Jeff Clarke (Portastatic, ex Cub Country) and Jenny Waters(Work
Clothes).  RIYL:  The Shins, The Pernice Brothers, Wilco
*SONS  /  Viracochas
released:  Apr 2007
format:  CD
recorded by *SONS  /  Mixed by Nick Petersen
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Kill The Culprit
band links:  myspace  /  last.fm
Viracochas is a record for fans of shoegaze, haphazard psychedelia, psych pop.  Viracochas is the
final document of band teetering on the edge of a drug fueled break-up.  *SONS may be no more, and
its' members scattered across the country, but at the time of this release they were hailed as one of
the brighter new bands in the Triangle.  Big guitars and a drunken swagger!  RIYL:  Swervedriver,
13th Floor Elevators, Brian Jonestown Massacre
Robert Deeble  /  Digi EP
catalog #:  frd008
released:  May 2006
format:  MP3
recorded by Robert Deeble
Free Download
mp3:  Speeding Motorcyle  /  Motorcycle  /  Motorcycle Boy  /  full EP .zip file  
band links:  
myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
Home recording released in digital MP3 format only.  All songs were recorded at home Feb 12 2006
on an iMac using the built in microphone, Garage Band, acoustic guitar, organ, vocals and a lot of EQ
and feedback from the computer speakers.  No outboard gear.  No amps.  No direct lines.
RIYL:  Yo La Tengo, Iggy Pop and Steve Wynn
Work Clothes  /  These Are The Shoes We Wear
catalog #:  frd007
released:  Jan 2006
format:  CD
recorded by Work Clothes  /  Mixed by Brian Paulson
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Fort Bragg Summers  /  Over The Moon  
band links:  
myspace  /  last.fm
A true labor of love, Jenny & Lee Waters(The Essex Green, Lud) spent close to three years writing
and thoughtful ears of good friend Brian Paulson.  These Are The Shoes We Wear is a record that
unfolds slowly, revealing soothing, golden flashes of brilliant southern pop psychedelia.  RIYL:  East
River Pipe, Galaxie 500, Secret Stars, Beach House, Magnetic Fields, Elephant 6 Collective
Robert Deeble  /  this bar has no one left
catalog #:  frd006
released:  July 2005
format:  CDEP  (Letterpress Sleeve)
recorded by Adam Selzer @ Type Foundry, Portland, OR
$8.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  In A Cigarette Voice    
band links:  
myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
From the looped moment of clarity of 'Some Bartenders', the bass heavy trance feel of 'In a Cigarette
Voice', to the poignant piano-led sadness of 'Face Down on Concrete', Seattle's Robert Deeble has
put together a six song ep about life that are both beautiful and harsh in their portrayals of characters
attempting to find solace.  Guests include Rachel Blumberg(The Decemberists) and Adam Selzer.
RIYL:  Lou Reed, Low, Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen
Alina Simone  /  Prettier in the Dark
catalog #:  frd005
released:  July 2005
format:  CDEP  (Letterpress Sleeve)
recorded by Steve Revitte in Brooklyn, NY
$8.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Siberia    
band links:  
myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
her solemn, insightful lyrics, spare guitar and ethereal voice- all balanced perfectly by the restrained,
Prettier in the Dark is full on raw, intimate and bare.  Alina's emotions are openly displayed through
her solemn, insightful lyrics, spare guitar and ethereal voice- all balanced perfectly by the restrained,
yet aggressive, support from her bandmates.  Alina was born in the Ukraine, but her songs are about
the place where she grew up, the suburbs of Boston.  "Beautiful Debut"  
~Magnet  RIYL: Cat
Power, PJ Harvey, Sinead O'Connor, The Spinanes
The Winter Blanket  /  Prescription Perils
Having worked with Alan Sparhawk (Low) on their first two records, Doug Miller and Stephanie
Davila opted to switch things up a bit and record with local Minneapolis engineer, Tom Herbers.  The
new approach yielded a lighter, less dense feel.  A record full of hushed drumming, warm bass
tones, twilight piano and gently strummed guitars.  Ten pop folk songs that are dynamic, memorable
and full of great hooks and quietly understated pop melodies!  RIYL: Cat Power, Ida, Townes Van
catalog #:  frd004
released:  Sept 2004
format:  CD  (Letterpress Sleeve)
recorded by Tom Herbers @ Third Ear Recording, Minneapolis, MN
$10.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Darkness Failed You  /  On My Own    
band links:  
myspace  /  last.fm
Various Artists / We Could Live in Hope-A Tribute to Low
catalog #:  frd003
released:  Sept 2004
format:  CD
$9.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Pale Horse and Rider - Fear  /  Misc w/ ill Lit - Sea      
In celebration of 10 years of Low and their hauntingly beautiful music we gathered together a few of their many friends
and fans in order to recreate their entire first record, I Could Live in Hope, which was originally released in 1994.  We
took the creative liberty by slightly skewing the original tracklisting in order to include two different versions of the song
'Words'.  A huge thanks to all involved!  Featuring
Daniel G. Harmann, Pale Horse and Rider, The Strugglers, A
Northern Chorus, Mark Kozelek, Kid Dakota, Misc/ill Lit, Jessica Bailiff, The Winter Blanket, Idaho, Migala,
His Name is Alive (w/ Ida)
Robert Deeble  /  Thirteen Stories
released:  July 2004
format:  CD
recorded by Robert Deeble, Matt Wignall and Anthony Arvizu
$10.00  /  SOLD OUT  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson  /  I'll Be Your Mirror      
band links:  
myspace  /  facebook  /  last.fm
On Thirteen Stories Robert continues his use of dark melodies, innovative guitar and dry vocal
stylings.  Though this time around he adds a lighter, more electric lo-fi approach to the recording mix,
a la lurking guitar feedback and child-like Wurlitzer wanderings.  An emotionally resonant work of rare
distinction in the current realm of stripped down rock.  RIYL:  Lou Reed, Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen
Various Artists / Preserve Volume One
catalog #:  frd001
released:  Jan 2004
format:  CD (Letterpress Sleeve)
$9.00  /  Buy Now  /  Also available from iTunes  /  eMusic  /  Amazon
mp3:  Norfolk & Western - Ancient Cry  /  Wow & Flutter - Silent Violence  /  Ben Davis - Departure Warning      
Twenty artists offering up unreleased or rare recordings.  Seventy-eight minutes worth of blissed out cohesion.  This is
music that works together producing a strong sense of warmth.  A special thanks to all of the artists that participated in
making this project a genuinely wonderful learning experience.  Featuring
The Decemberists, Norfolk & Western,
TW Walsh, Work Clothes, John Guilt, The Winter Blanket, Robert Deeble, Snailhouse, Denison Witmer,
Peace Harbor, Wow & Flutter, Spokane, The Verna Cannon, Edison Woods, Ben Davis, Jim Yoshii Pile-Up,
Barzin, M Ward, Poem Rocket, Shearwater.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this compilation will benefit the Carnivore Preservation Trust.  The CPT's
mission is to 'provide sanctuary to a diverse community of animals and to promote conservation by educating people
about the importance of the environment.'  Please visit www.cptigers.org for more information.
Free Album Downloads
We're offering Transportation's cd-r album for free!  The eighteen songs on the Transportation Hour were recorded in various Chapel Hill and Carrboro
locations between 1997 and 2004.  Some truly great nuggets can be found in this collection of unreleased material.  We hope that you enjoy the tunes and
please feel free to share them with your friends and neighbors.

Free Download  /  
Transportation - The Transportation Hour (.zip file)

The early days of Dawn Chorus- two cds recorded in Carrboro by Clay Merritt.  The Disappearing Dawn Chorus was recorded from late 2002 through mid
2003 and subsequently self released in late 2003.  The Second Dawn Chorus was recorded in June of 2004 and released later that year.  We've now got
both available for free download!  There is also a double cd version that you can purchase directly from us or the band.  Handmade, and individually
numbered silkscreened digipaks for $10.  Click the 'Buy Now' link below or shoot us an email for more info.  info@fractured-discs.com

Free Download  /  
Dawn Chorus  -  The Disappearing Dawn Chorus (.zip file)
Free Download  /  
Dawn Chorus  -  Second Dawn Chorus (.zip file)

Download the ten song Fractured Discs MP3 promotional sampler .zip file featuring some of our favorite tunes!

Free Download  /  
Fractured Discs Sampler
We still have a few physical copies of Work Clothes' first record in stock.  Released by Hypno-Vista Records in 2002, this gorgeous little record is referred to
by many as the 5+3 EP.  mp3:  
Turn The AC on High  /  Work Clothes  -  Work Clothes EP  /  $8.00  /  Buy Now

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